Just Fucking Do It*

Just F**king Do It
Just Fucking Do it

I’ve just read this paragraph from Web Design from Scratch. I was being like a totally Workaholic in last 4 year but I must admit that my production is not very effective. Either form Design to the web Development, I always spent too much time on the thinking, data mining, research, planning, and the possibility to mashup with the latest web development method. so I just can’t agree more on Ben Hunt’s point of view of “The most useful of all is JFDI.”

If you’ve been ruthless about what needs to be done, there’s no more thinking to do. Any further energy or time spent on prioritisation is energy and time wasted. Prioritisation should take a few deep breaths, a dash of courage and a pencil.

As soon as you’ve done your list of things to do today, ignore Items 2 onwards. Focus on Item 1, and JFDI.

Don’t worry about what’s next, be your own super-manager.. You know the team leaders who take all the pressure of you by saying, “This is all I want you to concentrate on right now.. Leave the rest to me.”? Be that guy for yourself! Tell yourself, “All you need to think about is Item 1. Forget about the rest.”


You’ll get more done that day, and you’ll be happier

Anyway, for some of you might know I am working on a web2.0 project with Travis, Linda and Yvonne, but I must apologize to them of my delay, and I am gonna JFDI.

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