5 days in Tokyo

Snaps in Harajuku/Shinjuku/Azabujyuban….
Trip in Tokyo 2006
Just back from a 5 days trip in Tokyo, and here is some snaps.
I am thinking to write something about what I’ve seen in Tokyo but I am kinda tired now and the works/tasks piled up and drowning me.
Joe will post up some photos taken by Horizon 202 and GR-1s later and I am so looking forward of it.

Special thanks to Yukari and Mao
Thanks to driving us around and showing us the Night life of Tokyo.
You both are such lovly girls.

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  1. Andres says:

    Thinking like that is really impiessrve

  2. Bubba number 4 will be our first little girl, and the Alexa romper would look beautiful on her and she won’t stand out too much with the stunning blue fabric

  3. Man was hab ich mich auf das Rakdos-Charm gefreut….. Man wie schlecht gehts…. und ich dachte das Azurius wäre net gut…

  4. Lekker stue, elsker fargene :)Jeg er helt lik ang det å skifte ut møbler, har hatt sofaen i 2 år snart og jeg har så lyst på ny hi hiHa en fin kveld :)Klem fra Camilla

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