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Internet Explorer 7 的開發小技巧/ 以及常會遇到的問題

Link Common Deployment Issues, Solutions & Workarounds Learn some of the common deployment issues with Internet Explorer 7, along with solutions and workarounds. 有興趣的可以下載來看看

HTML 4 Strict x Transitional

最近完成了一個專案因為 IE Box model 的問題而必須強迫使用 CSS Hacks 去修正一些 layout 上的小問題, 雖然使用 HTML Strict Doctype 可以強迫 IE5 之後的瀏覽器有相同的屬性而規避這各問題, 但是查了一下 google 才發現原來最嚴謹的標記語法竟然有那麼多不支援的地方, 我覺得比較誇張的是在嚴謹的 html4/ xhtml1 的版本中, target="_blank"...

你比較想要做什麼? 設計還是程式?

What would you rather do: design or code? There is a term “Css Designer”. It describes a person who designs for web and is able to code that same design into a standards compliant document. That kind of person must not only have good graphical skills but also be knowledgeable about web technologies and web standards. All in all, the perfect person to hire if your budget is tight and can’t...

Application Interface Design

Design and Development of an Issue Tracker Webmaster Jam Session 2007


I am assigned to planning a community site structure/ wireframe for a scooter manufacturer in Taiwan. Due to the shortage of the time to planning this Site, so I must do all the background research and draw the wireframe less in 2 days. But I must admit that this is quite a easy and fun task for me, coz I was a serious biker in all my college time!! Anyway, it’s quite a unique experience to being a planner/...

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