Helvetica, 一部關於字體的電影

Helvetica, the film
這真的是太令人興奮了, 竟然有一部關於字體的電影要在2007年上映, 而且是在2007年就滿50歲的 Helvetica!!

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  1. LEE HOM says:


  2. andrew dude says:

    damn, dude, i didn’t that! where u get that news. you know it and i know it, they are not going to show it in taiwan. What a shame! One of my client told me last week that adobe garamond is urgly and said “Please DON’T use any free system font that comes with a new computer.” i was thing “OK! i stuck an microsoft Arial family up your ass.”

  3. admin says:

    HaHa !! That’s so funny, dude.

    What a stupid-ass client.
    Even I wanna watch that movie in the cinema but well…I am gonna mail you the bitTorrent file when I get it.

    Onion Rocks!

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