iPhone blog test

I am doing this post in the iPhone. This is so handy and amazing. But it seems like I cant edit the HTML tag here. What a pity.

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  1. Emmanuel says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wrngiit!

  2. You’ve impressed us all with that posting!

  3. I can’t believe I’ve been going for years without knowing that.

  4. “That’s a very naive point of view, Guest. There’s nothing about attracting and maintaining an engaged and excited workforce that . . . ”

  5. International criminal responsibility shall apply, irrespective of the motive involved, to individuals, members of organizations, and institutions and representatives of the State, whether residing in the territory of the State in which the acts are perpetrated or in some other State, whenever they:(a) Commit, participate in, directly incite or conspire in the commission of the acts mentioned in article II of the present Convention;(b) Directly abet, encourage or co-operate in the commission of the crime of apartheid.

  6. PRAISE THE LORD.!!!!A humble prayer request for my brother ISSAC.Who is been additicated to alcohol and rest all bad habits.for since past 10 yrs he is been additicated and not listening to parents he is been earning and wasting in all this bad stuffs the moneys…please all my dear bothers and sisters,please do pray for my brother for his healness…AMEN..!!!

  7. I love that Tina Louise and Stella Stevens are both in this. As any true film fan knows Tina originated the role of “Appassionata Von Climax” in the original Broadway production of “Li’l Abner” while Stella Stevens played the role in the film version. 

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